Konnex Chains

With its solid tradition stretching back several decades and a real vocation for innovation, Konnexgroup presents a complete line of chains, able to cater for the demands of the modern market and numerous application needs. Chains for industrial use, for boating and the shipping sector, lifting chains but also for decoration and complementary furnishing.

The Range

The new Konnexgroup range of chains is able to fully cater for the requirements of industry professionals.

The Konnexgroup range of chains is the best selection at the disposal of professionals for carrying out projects requiring chains, ropes or metal plaits. Chains for industry, for boating and the shipping sector, for DIY, for safety. Our knowledge of the chain manufacturing process stretches back over decades; we have been refining our methods and innovating our technologies since 1925 to supply quality products at competitive prices. All our products undergo stringent controls, which not only involve the functional testing of the individual pieces, but also include the identification and evaluation of the impact of the product in terms of the environment and risks, in order not only to satisfy requirements relating to product use, but also protect and guarantee consumers, who are always a prime concern of ours.

From all-purpose chains (Genoan) to calibrated chains made of high-alloy content steels and heat treated. All our products express our keen desire to satisfy the very broadest range of use requirements. The demands of a discerning and well-prepared consumer base to whom we dedicate quality proposals, without ever forgetting the economic satisfaction of our partner customers. Thanks to a tradition stretching back many decades, Konnexgroup constantly presents innovative solutions for its products such as, for example, the new Aqua7 calibrated chain, and often redefines market standards themselves by interpreting the customer’s requirements with new generations of products.